We're glad that you are taking a look at us at Harvest Baptist. We invite inspection, love inquiries and have nothing to hide. We know that we are not the perfect church, but we strive to be a progressing church, growing in love for God and for others.

Our church motto is "God's Truth Changing Lives." We firmly believe that His Word guides us to life as God intended: joyous, confident and fulfilled.

After researching our church from a distance, we hope that you will look at us firsthand. Just as looking up recipes on the internet cannot compare to actually eating a homemade pie, neither can the virtual world communicate the real flavor of what God is doing in our congregation. Come and taste the real thing at one of our services soon.


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Harvest Baptist Church
420 E. Fifth Street Redwood Falls, MN 56283
United States
Phone: 507.627.1535

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